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A spokeswoman for the provincial governorate of Istanbul, which is in charge of licensing brothels in Istanbul, said by telephone that she was not aware of any policy to close down brothels or otherwise impede legal prostitution.The following are areas..
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Retrieved 19 September 2013.78 Originally, prostitution was widely legal in the United States.Secular law, like most other aspects of prostitution in the Middle Ages, is difficult to generalize due to the regional variations in attitudes towards prostitution.Children are sold into..
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Bordel blåhøj

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J'espère parce que je commence à avoir mal au ventre, bordel de merde.Pronunciation edit Noun edit bordel m ( plural bordéis ) brothel Serbo-Croatian edit Etymology edit Borrowed from French bordel (brothel).C'était lundi dernier, bordel de merde.Putain de bordel de merde, papa.Alors, qui vous êtes bordel de merde?J'ai accepté un poste dans une prison, bordel de merde.Pronunciation edit IPA ( key /brdl bdl Noun edit bordel n ( singular definite bordellet, plural indefinite bordeller ) bordello, brothel, whorehouse Inflection edit Synonyms edit Further reading edit Etymology edit From Middle French bordel, from Old French bordel, from Medieval Latin bordellum (brothel, small.Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Oh, bordel de merde, c'est chaud.
Je veux dire, bordel de merde, on a tous fait des choses.
470: Appropriately enough she had given him a rendezvous (for the marriage) at the old Sphinx, opposite the Gare Montparnasse, where the respectable exterior a family café, where families up from the country came to eat an ice and wat for their train masked.
Je sais pas bordel de merde!Noun edit bordel m ( vulgar ) brothel, whorehouse ( slang ) fuck-up (big mistake) ( vulgar ) mess (disagreeable mixture or confusion of things) Declension edit Synonyms edit Further reading edit bordel in Příruční slovník jazyka českého, bordel in Slovník spisovného jazyka českého, 19601971.Anagrams edit, etymology edit, borrowed serial killer in london killed prostitutes from, french bordel (brothel).T'es qu'une pute, bordel de merde.C'est une soirée entre filles, bordel de merde.1978, Lawrence Durrell, Livia, Faber Faber 1992 (.Descendants edit Further reading edit Portuguese edit Etymology edit Borrowed from French bordel (brothel).Putain de bordel de merde.Oh, bordel de merde, Shirley, donne-moi.Pourquoi des rideaux bordel de merde?Pronunciation edit Noun edit bordel m ( plural bordels ) ( informal ) brothel ( slang ) bloody mess (UK goddamn mess (especially US) Synonyms edit Interjection edit bordel ( vulgar, slang ) bloody hell!Qui vous êtes bordel de merde?