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Bordel in english from french

bordel in english from french

Pronunciation edit sio prostituerede Noun edit bordel m ( plural bordels ) ( informal ) brothel ( slang ) bloody mess (UK goddamn mess (especially US) Synonyms edit Interjection edit bordel ( vulgar, slang ) bloody hell!
(informal) ( maison close) brothel la réouverture des bordels the reopening of the brothels reopening the brothels exclamation (informal) bloody hell!
Nous allons être à la bourre!
FrenchEthan, on fait quoi bordel?More_vert Hey, you guys gotta come see this shit, FrenchLe fait de fournir ou d'entretenir un bordel est passible d'une peine allant d'une amende à six ans d'emprisonnement.Pronunciation edit IPA ( key /brdl bdl Noun edit bordel n ( singular definite bordellet, plural indefinite bordeller ) bordello, brothel, whorehouse Inflection edit Synonyms edit Further reading edit Etymology edit From Middle French bordel, from Old French bordel, from Medieval Latin bordellum (brothel, small.FrenchUn an et demi plus tard, le bordel est encore là-dedans, et rien ne fonctionne.What a bloody mess!Humanities, languages, jGI/Tom Grill / Getty Images, the French word bordel, pronounced "buhr- del literally means "brothel but is commonly used massage og escort i københavn in casual expressions to western escorts bangkok mean "mess" or "chaos.".uK, vulgar, slang bugger!Noun edit bordel m ( vulgar ) brothel, whorehouse ( slang ) fuck-up (big mistake) ( vulgar ) mess (disagreeable mixture or confusion of things) Declension edit Synonyms edit Further reading edit bordel in Příruční slovník jazyka českého, bordel in Slovník spisovného jazyka českého, 19601971.More_vert What the bloody hell do you want?
Pronunciation edit Noun edit bordel m ( plural bordéis ) brothel Serbo-Croatian edit Etymology edit Borrowed from French bordel (brothel).
More_vert, joe, for fuck sake.
More_vert, instead of doing that, the government introduces a bill that will turn everything upside down.
FrenchC'était quoi ce bordel là- bas, Cooper?
Other common French expressions that use bordel include: mettre/ foutre le bordel - to create havoc mettre / foutre le bordel dans qqch - to screw/bugger something up bordel de merde (vulgar expression used for emphasis) - for God's sake, goddamnit.It'll be chaos!FrenchJe t'avais dit de ne pas bouger, bordel.Copyright by HarperCollins Publishers.FrenchUn marché de 18 millions de dollars, bordel, sans même m'en parler?More_vert Ethan, what the hell are we doing, man?