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panel of judges-whose token human.
# THE graveyard heart # steve baxter enquires: Separated at birth?
# cosmic awards Of far more cosmic value was the straw poll at Silicon 7, where on penalty of not receiving free drinks the entire membership passed on these cosmic issues: WHO IS THE biggest wally IN fandom?# The society OF authors has repeated its 1988 poll of writers' opinions on their publishers.# infinitely improbable # THE SF encyclopaedia II team breathed huge sighs of relief as Macdonald (their fatally Maxwelled publisher) was bought by Little, Brown - with promises that vast sums owed to Paul Barnett and Brian Stableford would be paid real soon now.# infinitely improbable # evil unmasked: a religious newspaper item tells how someone joined a charismatic church and was soon making a bonfire of his magic and mystery books - including expensively leather-bound Denis Wheatley and Arthur C Clark titles.' Sic DW SF encyclopaedia.# THE caucus-race # nebulas: the novel shortlist consists of "A Million Open Doors" (John Barnes "Sarah Canary" (Karen Joy Fowler "China Mountain Zhang" (Maureen Hugh "A Fire Upon the Deep" (Vernor Vinge "Doomsday Book" (Connie Willis) and "Briar Rose" (Jane Yolen).
# infinitely improbable # BUM steer department: Don't rush those stories to "Tomorrow"!
# eggcon # Gosh, it was a fecund event: Conception, held in Leeds on 13-15 Feb to celebrate fifty fertile years of seminal SF cons.
# infinitely improbable # hugo awards.
# infinitely improbable # ameritemps?# condom: some updates only # koancon '87 (31 July - 2 Aug, Coventry Polytechnic fannish games con.# N hubbard'S fans OF THE future # n teaches us that all "fannish hang-ups" can be traced to "pre-birth engrams" recorded by the "unknowing fan foetus".# THE argonauts OF THE AIR # john brunner cried They seem to value the arts more in Romania than in the west' after receiving the supreme accolade: being waved through customs on route to EuROcon, merely because officials discovered he was a writer.# contabescence # First Thur london PUB meetings - evolution IN action.# editorial waffle # This bordel tegel is all the fault of Bridget Wilkinson for Constructive Whingeing, the erstwhile "Intermediate Reptile" team for being horridly exemplary, and Martin Easterbrook for a partial power vacuum.# infinitely improbable # channel 4's invitation to a press launch for their imminent Sci-Fi Weekend' indicated profound respect for the genre of Mary Shelley and.G.Wells: Channel 4 hits Warp Factor Nine this August bank holiday with a celebration of the weird and wonderful.# infinitely improbable # THE THE SUN SUN falls falls?# geeks' corner # To receive _Ansible_ monthly via e-mail, send a message with the single word subscribe' (no" marks) to: Please send a corresponding "unsubscribe" to resign from this list if you weary of it or are about to change e-addresses; don't send.