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Far cry 4 armed escort missions locations

far cry 4 armed escort missions locations

Golden Path Supplies russia gay male escort skt petersb #8 ' ' X: 764.4 Y: 765.1 This quest is unlocked after hijacking the Bell Tower (Rajgad Gulag Region and is north of the tower.
The enemies are on the west side of the river, save for one soldier sitting on a stump.The Valley of Death (Amita) ' ' - Reach Kalesh - Amita is found at 617.4 Y: 673.2 with another mission for you.Karma Event - Defuse Royal Army guards are stationed near a cluster of wooden crates armed with explosives.Follow the waypoint to an ammo prostitueret prostata orgasme pile.I often describe locations based on their map coordinates (from the X and Y axes so it is crucial that you recognize and understand the concept if you wish to follow this guide.
The grapple point brings you up to a cliff north of the cabin and provides a good view of the area.
The poster is on the wall behind a stack of boxes.
It is on the north side above the first awning.
Mani Wheel #32 - X: 508.8 Y: 815.2 High up at Banashur's Tranquility, a shrine built on a plateau accessible by grapple points.
Exploring this cave escort piger med analsex results in the discovery of several altars covered with gold, guns, and other expensive offerings.At the fork, go left and enter the gazebo to find a Seeker (giving you an extra health bar).Ingredients: 2x Wild Boar Skin Upgrade 2/4 A large ammo bag for sidearms, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, and LMGs.Kyra's Shrine ' ' X: 652.3 Y: 638.3 This is a makeshift shrine built on the side of the road west of the Bell Tower (KEO Pradhana Mine Region).Mani Wheel #16 - X: 315.9 Y: 609.1 Found right outside the entrance to Yakshini's Pleasure.Next, climb the stairs.To maximize your outcome, wait until late in the game to buy the SA-50, which can kill two enemies with a body shot.Ingredients: 3x Snow Leopard Skins Upgrade 3/4 Carry up to 6 C4 and 6 mines.Lurkers, Butchers, Beasts, and Scorchers are all encountered along the way.There are four or five Heavies that wander the streets or the western perimeter wall, and a handful of Normals in between.Banashur Ki Sirhi ' ' X: 700.1 Y: 662.3 The cavern has two entrances: you can cross the river north and then climb the slopes surrounding the cave entrance, or follow the river to enter from ground level.Propaganda Poster #111 - X: 450.5 Y: 777.3 Found on the west side of the Bell Tower (Utkarsh Region right next to the front door.Deliver the truck to receive extra XP, Rupees, and a free ammo refill.

Complete "City of Pain" or liberate 14 Bell Towers (free) MS16 2 Handed Assault Rifle The last great American battle rifle that was introduced during the Vietnam War, this semi-automatic rifle is considerably accurate.