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Gw2 escort the funeral procession to the necropolis

Mourner: The Necropolis is close.
Villager (2 I got here as quickly as I could.
Mourner: Balthazar cannot win against an army of the Awakened.Villager (1 Youre late.Mourner: But not if the Forged destroy our bodies before we can be raised!Awakened Mummy: Well, lets see what sort of treasure this one is holding.Let nothing touch it!Villager/Noble/Mourner: Let your judges be wise and speak your benevolent will.There's a price on its head.(End feedback 2017/11/06 edit, the information regarding this quest is insufficient to finding, participating in, and completing.Elonian Royal: What kind of nourishment do you serve the Awakened at dinner parties?We're civilized here, not barbarians.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Fycros Venomweeper is no ordinary iboga.
Villager (2 That stands to reason.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: We offer the possessions of the dead to the fire.
I'm hoping other people can fill in on when this event pops.Public embalming is so embarrassing!Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Who is brave enough to go after Dunechaser?From Guild Wars 2 Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, section-stub.Villager/Noble/Mourner: Long May he reign.Villager/Noble/Mourner: We didn't have the body preinspected?Villager/Noble/Mourner: That's a good news.Reason: Missing content, remove if all is here Allies edit Awakened Dolyaks Humans Services edit Kadri Disguised Order of Shadows Agent Embalmer Boran Supreme Training Specialist Tozan Foes edit Animals Awakened Birds Elementals Felines Insects Plants Ambient dialogue edit Awakened Mummy: Oops.Villager/Noble/Mourner: We hope that with these offerings, their bodies will be spared the flame.Villager: Shed no tears for the dead.Awakened Mummy: Looks like this one never met an animal it couldnt fry.

Walkthrough edit, the event will trigger at random spawn points.
Are you brave enough to take it on?