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Hatsan escort shotgun manual

hatsan escort shotgun manual

With the shotgun unloaded.
Incorrect handling may result in serious injury or death to you or bystanders.
While you load the shotgun.
Hand loaded or reloaded ammunition is the sole responsibility of the user.Note: Magazine cut-off button disengages automatically after the shot.Simply disengage the magazine cut-off button.Note: To reassemble the shotgun.Retract the bolt backwards by means of bolt cocking handle until it is locked at the rear.
Screw (clockwise) it to the end until it is completely tightened.5 meters (40 yards).
Always keep the safety ON while loading your shotgun.
These parts are under heavy spring tension and can fly out of the magazine tube with high velocity and considerable force if not properly restrained.
(9) Now the capacity of the shotgun is reduced to 21 (2 cartridges in the magazine tube and 1 in the cartridge chamber).
Magazine tube and receiver to see that the shotgun is not already loaded.
Pulling the trigger fires the shotgun.
It means that the cross button safety is disengaged (OFF) and shotgun is ready to fire.Never rely on any ones words that the shotgun is on safe or unloaded.Engage the magazine cut-off button by depressing.Expansion of the shot pellets within a distance is the least in Full inner choke and it is the most in Cylinder-Skeet inner choke.Treat every shotgun AS IF YOU expect ITS mechanical safety NOT TO work.Depress the trigger to lower the hammer.Watch Queue, bordel lovligt i danmark queue _count total loading.