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Mafia 3 prostitution damage remaining

Once you deal enough damage to a racket,.e., reduce the required amount to 0, the racket boss will appear københavn bordel unge piger in their.
Go talk to your contact to launch a final attack on the racket.
The damage required differs from racket to racket.
I'll try to explain this achievement because the game doesn't exactly explain rackets-attack and enforcers-killing very well.I have tried to go back to the places where I have killed enforcers, etc, to try and see if there was any money laying around, and there is nothing.I've done the most I can in the nightclub and have every objective completed besides those two.You can kill all other enemies, just make sure you don't kill these dudes.Bayou Fantom, bayou Fantom.PS: Do note though that enforcers that are not killed during the earlier attacks will appear at the HQ to make the boss fight somewhat harder.Focus on dealing damages at other icons instead - there's definitely enough things to do to deal sufficient damage to force the boss out without killing the enforcers.There are no enemies at all in this district and no way how I can get the damage remaning count to zero.
These rackets usually take the form of illegal businesses like prostitution, contraband, union extortion, etc.
Again, the tasks you need to do varies from racket to racket.
To initiate an attack, you'd first need to speak to a contact.
I am currently doing the smuggling racket in Tickfaw Harbor, and I have encountered a bug.
These icons are the locations of the various establishments forming the rackets.
I've selected the mission and nothing.To "damage" a racket, you'd need to go to the locations where the icons are, and start wrecking havoc.One later mission has as many as eight enforcers - you won't want to spare them before going to the racket boss).Instinct also usually points you to your objectives, show the locations of medical/ weapon cabinets (so that you can refill locations of money to steal, etc.I have completed all objectives for that racket, and it still says that I have 1,400 remaning in damage.Nobody is at any of the places that were required for me to go to during the racket takeover.Note: Always use the button to use "instinct Hitman-style, to spot the locations of enemies during fights.You could hurt them by stealing money, helping brothel prostitution pictures prostitutes escape, stealing medical supplies, destroying contraband items, and killing enforcers.Once this is done, several icons will appear on the map.What do I do?They also have the word "kill" above their heads to make it easier for you to spot them.I have even tried the cheat engine, and no luck there either.