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House and Senate.
Construction The conference agreement provides 163,444,000 for construction instead of 119,745,000 as proposed by the House and 165,418,000 as proposed by the Senate.
Further, as proposed in both the House bill and the Senate-reported bill, an additional 500,000 has been provided under the administrative expenses of the Disaster Loans Program to be made available to the Office of Inspector General for work associated with oversight of the disaster.
(B) Sections 210(e 3 A) and 245A(f 4 A) (8.S.C.The agreement also provides 500,000 for the establishment of a history project for the development of teaching and library materials focused on the history of the Columbia River Basin.706) Permits agencies to use receipts from the sale of materials through recycling or waste prevention programs for: (1) acquisition, waste reduction and prevention, and recycling programs; (2) other federal agency environmental management programs; and (3) other employee programs authorized by law or deemed appropriate.Funds in the bill could not be used to attempt to influence a State legislature with respect to pending legislation.8035) Provides appropriations for the mitigation of environmental impacts on Indian lands resulting from DOD activities.This approach appropriately will place greater reliance on Federal staffing rather than on support service contractors for gathering, compiling and analyzing the Nation's energy statistics.(b) Preliminary and Final Reports.-Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall submit to the Committees on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives and of the Senate a preliminary report on the investigation conducted.
(ii) Rebuttal of presumption.- The presumption established by clause (i) may be rebutted by the employer only through the presentation of clear and convincing evidence that the employer did not know (and could not reasonably have known) that the individual at the time of hiring.
and (2) in subsection (k)- (A) by striking section-' and inserting section, the following definitions shall apply (B) by striking paragraph (1 (C) by redesignating paragraphs (2) and (3) as paragraphs (1) and (2 respectively; and (D) by adding at the end the following new.
Subject to the preceding sentence, such transferred property shall include all right, title, and interest in- (i) direct or indirect subsidiaries of the Association (excluding special purpose funding companies in existence on the date of enactment of this section and any interest in any government-sponsored.
Program support The conference agreement provides 71,697,000 for noaa program support.
1184(f 1) is amended by striking section 101(3) of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958' and inserting section 40102(a 2) of title 49, United States Code and (B) section 258(b 2) (8.S.C.
The conference agreement includes language to transfer 100,000 and anticipates the National Park Service will use the funds as follows: 10,000 for seeding, 70,000 for regrading, and 5,000 in each of the next four fiscal years for necessary maintenance activities.
(c) Commercial and Other Loans.-Section 5(c 2 A) of the Home Owners' Loan Act (12.S.C.The managers note that the administration did not request Foreign Military Financing assistance for Peru in fiscal year 1997 and therefore the managers believe that this prohibition is not necessary at the present time.This section requires that an independent certified accountant approved by SBA review these valuations at least once a year to ensure that these requirements are being met.Procedures FOR participants IN pilot programs.Construction The conference agreement provides 4,333,000 for construction as proposed by the Senate instead of 3,103,000 as proposed by the House.(2) Classifications, adjustments.-Any regulations prescribed under paragraph (1) may contain classifications and differentiations, and may provide for adjustments and exceptions for any class of transactions, as the Board considers appropriate.28,000 ID 4,702 4,702 4,702.Person under authorities granted by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (fisa).(6) The Bureau of Reclamation is authorized to provide by grant to the Working Group not more than 5 percent of funds appropriated pursuant to subsection (h) of this title for not more than 50 percent of administrative costs relating to the implementation of this.The contactor shall preserve the confidentiality of any information for which confidentiality is protected by law or properly asserted by the person submitting such information.Section 316 clarifies House language regarding grants by the National Endowment for the Arts to local arts agencies and regional groups, as proposed by the Senate.