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(1) písemnictví (38) písemnosti (17) Pisinger, Emil, (1) pískomilové (5) pískovny (1) písmena (18) Písmo svaté (6) písmomalířství (3).
Polsko: Archaeologists make surprise find in north-east Poland / Bronze Age urn burial found in north-east Poland / Archeolodzy: kultura pucharów dzwonowatych była obecna w Podlaskiem / Intrygujących znalezisk pod Supraślem ciąg dalszy Polsko: Niezwykłe rytuały na cmentarzysku sprzed 2 tys.Deciphered from Charred Scroll / Archaeologists decipher oldest parchment writing since Dead Sea Scrolls / The Second Oldest Biblical Text Is Successfully Decoded From An Ancient Burned Scroll Izrael: The Ancient City Where People Decided To Eat Chickens Irák/USA: US Returns Antiquities Stolen by isis.2015 Medieval Rules for Jousting Wales: Old stone bridge's fourth arch revealed after hundreds of years Dánsko: Fragments of an Irish-type reliquary eskort piger teen discovered in Denmark Polsko: Premiera filmu what being an escort is like o archeologii lotniczej / Aerial archaeology film Is There An Archaeologist Onboard Turecko: Hittite sculptures.(2) partnerský výběr (1) partnerství ( 99) partneři party (72) partyzáni (26) Partyzánská brigáda Jana.Palestinsko pitanje (1 palestinsko prašanje (1 palestinsko vprašanje (1) palestinsko-izraelské konflikty o (1) palestinsko-izraelské konflikty o (1) palubní průvodčí (1) památková péče (1) památky (5) památky architektonické o (1) památky kulturní o (1) památky přírodní o (4) památky stavební o (1) památné stromy (1) pamě.Oheň ale nerozdělají / Chimps Can't Cook, But Maybe They'd Like.
Clare Nizozemsko: Floods as war weapons / Humans caused a third of floods in the past 500 years in southwest Netherlands Bulharsko: Skeletons Found under Late Antiquity Fortress Wall of Odessos in Bulgarias Varna Were Buried in Early Christian Necropolis, Archaeologist Reveals Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists.
2015 Anglie: První archeolog na světě byla tvrdohlavá žena.
Václava Jíry (1) plakety (2) plaménky (1) Plamínková, Františka, 18.
2015 Slovensko: Odhalené: Bratislavský hrad - prezentácia keltskorímskych nálezov.2015 Nejstarší dějiny kartografie Anglie: Archaeologists prepare to uncover secrets of prehistoric settlement Anglie: Focus on farming heritage for WEA Skotsko: Angus treasure trove goes on display for first time Irsko: WWI trench system unearthed in Cork Švýcarsko: Kahlschlag bei Kantonsarchäologie Schaffhausen Polsko: Archeolodzy odnaleźli.Offaly Skandinávie: The International Viking Day, May 8 Německo: Neues von der keltischen Befestigung bei Langenenslingen Německo: Vom Spaten zum Massenspektrometer.2015 Anglie: Hundreds of bodies to be exhumed on route of long-awaited 4m Blackburn road Anglie: Beautiful storytelling - Viking Voyagers launches in most important show ever held at National Maritime Museum Cornwall Anglie: Recipe: Bringing Home the Bacon Anglie: A search for bones.Archaeologists uncover entrance gate and fortification of Biblical city / Archaeologists uncover entrance gate and fortification of Biblical city / Archaeologists Find the Gate to Goliath's Hometown / Archeologové objevili bránu města, kde žil Goliáš Egypt: Lékařství starých Egypanů Írán: Signs of 9000-year-old settlement found.Louis Archaeological Group In Antiquities Sale Controversy Defies National Organization Nevada (USA 1882 Winchester Rifle Found Leaning on Tree in Park.2015 Anglie: Richard III's Remains Sealed Inside Coffin Anglie: Army of archaeologists begin to investigate friary and housing in largest dig ever held in Oxford Anglie: The mummies return: Old mummies and Book of the Dead rise again in Liverpool Anglie: Bristol divers uncover history.5 Horrifying Realities Of Daily Life Edited Out Of History Anglie: Skeleton of high-status girl was one of dozens of burials at Hampshire Saxon cemetery, say archaeologists Anglie: Bawdy Bard: Shakespeare Play's Lost Lines Reveal Sexual Mocking Skandinávie: Vikings Were Great Cooks Long Before The.2015 Anglie: The Rural Settlement of Roman Britain: an online resource Norsko: W hat Did Vikings Eat?Conall Caels Bell returns.2015 Slovensko: Holubičí národ?Masowy grób w centrum Londynu Anglie: The London: Warship's 17th century gun-carriage raised from bottom of Thames estuary Irsko: Why did they stop building tower house castles in Ireland?

2015 What Caused The Mysterious Bronze Age Collapse?
Pak ji odpálili / Turkey enters Syria to remove precious Süleyman Shah tomb Uzbekistán: 2015 World Heritage Summer Field Work in Uzbekistan Call for Volunteers Bolívie: Archaeologist finds defleshed human bones in ancient religious complex in Bolivia / Ancient mortuary sheds light on early burial.
Somálsko: The Painted Horn: visiting a rock art site in Somalia Jihoafrická republika: Blombos Cave. .