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Prostitution som et socialt problem bundesen

prostitution som et socialt problem bundesen

(1840 Magdalenism: An Inquiry into its Extent, Causes and Consequences of Prostitution in Edinburgh, Edinburgh:.
A woman who drinks will do anything, lamented Miller, when explaining why prostitutes were able to ply their trade (Miller, 1859: 9).
2, Hamburg, Verlagsanstalt, 1890.
Rodger (eds The Victorian City: A Reader in British Urban History, London: Longman,.Reinvention: a Journal of Undergraduate Research (2008).Another controversial aspect of Victorian prostitution was its apparent freedom from male interference (until the 1860s).(1883 The Bitter Cry of Outcast London : An Inquiry into the Conditions of the Abject Poor, London: James Clarke Co Miller,.Despite male power, it was thought that women were morally superior, controlling their sensibilities and regulating their sexual desires in a way which was supposedly beyond male capability.
Reagin,.R., A true woman can take care of herself : the debate over prostitution in Hanover, 1906, Central European History, 1991, 24,. .
Ch., Über Physiognomik ; wider die Physiognomen.
A profound difference separated prostitution from other vices; Landels wrote that drunks, vagrants, bankrupts and immoral men could all regain their respectability, but not prostitutes, thus placing prostitution above others as the most disgraceful vice (Landels, 1858: 37).
(1994 Venereal Disease, Prostitution, and the Politics of Empire: The Case of British India, Journal of the History of Sexuality, 4 (4 597-602 Logan,.
There was also the clear display of hypocrisy with che escort men loving one class of women (their wives) but using prostitutes for sex, all the while preaching purity for their wives (Greg, 1831: 37).Ein Versuch über die Perspektivität des «praktischen Blicks Archiv für Sozialgeschichte, 1992, 32,. .Falkenberg, C, Versuch einer Darstellung der verschiedenen Classen von Räubern, Dieben und Diebeshehlern mit besonderer Hinsicht auf die vorzüglichsten Mittel sich ihrer zu bemächtigen, ihre Verbrechen zu entdecken und zu verhüten.This serves to reinforce the argument that for Victorians, the moral aspects of life were inherently bound with the physical.Fröhlich,., Die gefährlichen Klassen hatsan escort magazine extension Wiens.The proposition to return to regimentation with there opening of "maisons closes" will also restart the debate.Using a supply-and-demand model, Acton argued that the growth of towns increased the proximity of wealthy idle men mixed with the poor, thus creating ideal conditions for prostitution to flourish (Acton, 1870: 176-7).Medical Aspects Prostitution was closely associated with venereal disease, and occasionally likened to a disease to be cured on the body politic: Is prostitution the sore to be neatly and comfortably dressed as it may be, from day to day, with mollifying and deodorising appliances.(1879 Social Purity: An Address, London: Morgan and Scott Clement,.