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Episode 11 has a scene that reeks of a silly high school love confession where Reina asks if Kumiko will ever leave her.
Doug : Roger seems to be almost obsessed with the titular character but also has a crush on Judy.
Matt Striker seems like a straight man, never expressing attraction to anything but women, but he once had an affair with Buff E to prove the man wasn't ready for marriage.
Almost all main characters in the Fire Emblem series have mothers dead or unmentioned but fathers extant -.g.When Ken gets kidnapped, the two characters who show the most concern for his safety are Wormmon and prostitution lausanne switzerland Daisuke!Sometimes there's a male/female character who doesn't express interest in women/men but does seems to show interest in people the same gender as they; they're.The father is apparently a priest and the novels mention that the brothers were raised by their grandmother, whose surname indicates that she's indeed their paternal grandmother.In Angel Beats!, Hinata often tells Otonashi he likes him (it's used as a joke, maybe).The Simpsons : Homer's mother Mona left to become a political activist, and was on the run from the law until the events of the 19th-season episode "Mona Leaves-A".which killed her off.
She once peeked at a strangers panties and was later seen enjoying the memory.
Representative for Iowa's Second Congressional District Tommy Hazouri (born 1945 former Jacksonville mayor and current Duval school board member Corrine Brown (born 1946.S.
Also, Mendoza once stuck his junk in the face of Alexis Laree because he thought it would make Allison Danger happy.
While he's annoyed by all of the male attention he gets, Akihisa included, there are occasional hints that he may like Akihisa as more than a friend, which pushes him into this territory.
It didn't end well.
In a milder case, Lilly Satou's mother lives abroad and she's mentioned, but is never seen.Jessica Jones parents and little brother were killed in the car crash that gave Jessica her powers.Eleanor: "Congratulations, beautiful." Tahani: (smiling) Thanks, Eleanor.She's had strong romantic relationships with a lot of men, including Black Panther, Wolverine and Forge, but she's also had extremely close Romantic Two Girl Friendships with Yukio and Jean Grey since the '80s.Averted with Winnie, but Lady Portley-Rind isn't involved with the main plot.Teen Titans Starfire notably has interest in Robin but also can get quite affectionate around Raven and Terra (expressed primarily through glomping ).Pip in Great Expectations lost his mother and was left to be raised by his older sister and her husband.However, he has some ambiguous background regarding reasons for leaving his training for a priesthood, he gave homophobic advice to his gay friend, which would ultimately lead to his suicide, and when asked by Lewis whether or not he is gay, he does not give.Tenko gets flustered when complimented by Kaede and is clearly infatuated with Himiko, which Tenko herself outright confirms.Tiny Toon Adventures : Elmyra and Rhoda.And Peggy: as Howard is risking his life in an attempt to save Steve I know you loved him.Both parents are dead, and they end up being raised by Master Chin.