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Skyrim prostitution mod xbox

Dragonbone Smithing Fix - Simple fix that everyone should have.
Unnecessary and senseless npc deaths are annoying as balls.Note - Fallen Trees will likely crash your game at some point if used with the other mods here. Better Combat AI - Combined with Wildcat, changes the whole combat dynamic of the game. Realistic Wildlife Behavior - another mod that is a necessity for obvious reasons. Quality World Map Vivid w/ Stone Roads - Duh who doesn't have escort anmelser one of these maps yet?! SeeEnchantments - This needs more favorites.Visual/textural/atmospheric changes Note - DO NOT download RS children overhaul.
Lush Overhaul - Believe it or not, this is not causing fps drops.
The combination of these weather altering mods is awesome and, besides the "it snows everywhere" and saturation/bloom settings of vivid, is just about as good and sometimes better with surreal (just sayin).
There is nothing more frustrating than someone advising you on a mod load order only to have it crash upon your first visit to riften, your first attempt at a fast travel, or my personal favorite moment of CTD awfulness - Dragon Bridge after. The fact that bethesda made me "wait" about 7,000,000 times in vanilla skyrim just to sell some pelts and potions made me want to cut my wrists vertically all over my bedroom. ELE Interior Lighting Overhaul - This is one of the riskier inclusions in this load order. Skyrim Graphic Overhaul - Gotta have it (I know the second one is out now but I don't know enough about it and don't trust it yet). I only took a chance with the mod because it's so incredibly worth.Your game can ctd if you.All seem to be buggy and cause framerate dips.

 Crawl on all fours BBP Edition - I didn't put this at 69 on purpose but that's really funny.