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Star wars ef76 nebulon b escort frigate

Rebel Cruiser used by the, alliance to Restore the Republic, and its successor, the, new Republic, throughout the.
Affiliation, source, the, eF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate also known as, nebulon-B frigate was a frigate manufactured.Production, raw Value: 3,841,652 CR, floor: 2, floor:.15 Sometime later, the Rebel leadership met with Organa and Skywalker in escort xr3 conversivel olx sp the command center, and tasked them with a mission to Tureen VII, leading the pair to embark on a mission to steal a Star Destroyer.EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (Frigates table of Contents hide, the Nebulon-B frigate is very much the result of the Rebel Alliance.13 Following the Battle of Yavin and the evacuation of Yavin 4, the Rebel leadership maintained a constantly-moving fleet, keeping on the run while seeking a new base of operations, and utilized a Nebulon-B as their temporary headquarters ship during this period.23 Appearances Edit Notes and references Edit. Ultimate Star Wars. Star Wars: The Rebel Files. In 2016, the ship appeared in the Star Wars comic issue Star Wars 23: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part III 16 in a shot similar to it's Star Wars Legends appearance in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.The bridge contained a holoprojector, at least four crew stations, and a primary command station.3 A primary long-range communications array protruded from the top of the craft, 3 while the bridge was located halfway down the ship's fore.3 Heavily armed, a Nebulon-B carried twelve turbolaser and twelve laser cannons, with the main weapons of each installed on the bottom edge of the ship's forward hull.
From here, Mothma, Dodonna, Admiral Gial Ackbar, and others planned operations against the Empire after the attack on Cymoon.
Quantum: 1,008, meleenium: 10,280, ardanium: 779, rudic: 672.
10 Several Nebulons were part of the Alliance fleet during the Battle of Scarif Admiral Raddus had at least three Nebulon-B escort frigates in his fleet when Rogue One went to Scarif to steal the Death Star plans, and participated in the subsequent battle.
It has good shields, good weaponry, and is capable of carrying two squadrons of fighters into battle.
EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, model, eF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate 1, maximum atmospheric speed 1,200 kph.
Weapons, turbolasers: 12, tractor Beams: 4, heavy Laser:.1 Many Nebulon-B frigates were utilized as medical frigates by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and were equipped with bacta tanks, medical droids, and full-service hospital facilities.It's full name was identified in the reference book Ultimate Star Wars in 2015.5 At least two Nebulon-B frigates were part of the Rebel fleet at the Battle of Endor, 18 and at least one survived to join Rebel Fleet Command at Muster Point: Vergence, twenty days after Endor, 19 and later at Muster Point: Stalwart.However, the Nebulon-B became most famous for its use as Rebel medical frigates, and many were equipped with full-service hospital facilities.1 The vessels featured a propulsion module that housed 7 aft-mounted ion engines connected to the forward blade-like body by a thin, cylindrical hull section.

One major advantage of the Nebulon-B design was the idea to put the hyperdrive motivators close to the primary power cells in main engineering on deck 9 in the aft section.
Defenses, hull: 3,500, deflectors: 3,000, ionic Capacity: 1,700, electronics.