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Retrieved " Background Paper on CIA's Combined Use of Interrogation Techniques ".
55 Extraordinary renditions and black sites in Europe edit Alleged "extraordinary rendition" illegal flights of the CIA, as reported bordell kiel by Rzeczpospolita 56 In January 2005, Swiss senator Dick Marty, representative at the Council of Europe in charge of the European investigations, concluded that 100 people.Archived from the original on Retrieved 7 September 2006.Dawson, Horace ; Edward Brooke, Henry Ponder, Vinton.Retrieved (in English) Prince, Rosa.Archived from the original on 8 February 2013."aclu petition 2006" (PDF).136 Among those convicted was Stephen.If you want them to be tortured, you send them to Syria.Scientists found the ancient Chinese practice rewires an affected brain region.
The Berliner Zeitung reported the following day there was documentation of 85 takeoffs and landings by planes with a "high probability" of being operated by the CIA, at Ramstein, the Rhein-Main Air Base and others.
Wrongful Imprisonment: Anatomy of a CIA Mistake: German Citizen Released After Months in 'Rendition', Dana copenhagen prostitution eastern europe hairy pussy Priest, The Washington Post, 4 December 2005 a b CIA watchdog probes 'renditions' of suspects, Associated Press, 27 December 2005 "Ensuring Lawful Interrogations".
30 Historical instances edit Historical cases edit The first well-known rendition case involved the Achille Lauro hijackers in 1985: after they were given a plane and were en route in international air space, they were forced by United States Navy fighter planes to land.
While in CIA custody, he was flown to Afghanistan, where he was allegedly held in a black site, interrogated, beaten, strip-searched, sodomized, and subjected to other inhuman and degrading treatment, which at times escalated to torture, though none of those claims can be verified.
This comes after a report in January claimed that acupuncture could help men with premature ejaculation.65 Example cases edit Khaled Masri case edit Main article: Khaled El-Masri Khalid El-Masri (also Khaled El-Masri 66 and Khaled Masri, 67 Levantine Arabic pronunciation: xald elmsi, -mse, Arabic : ) (born ) is a German citizen who was mistakenly abducted by the Macedonian police.Times Topics, Biography of Stephen.He allegedly spent three years in "black sites including in Morocco and Afghanistan.Profile: Mamdouh Habib, BBC News, 7 December 2005 White, Josh; Wright, Robin (15 December 2005).Pressured Allies, San Francisco Chronicle, Italy indicts 31 linked to CIA rendition case, International Herald Tribune, 16 February 2007 (in English) Italian judge convicts 23 in CIA kidnap case, 4 November baleri escort side 2009 Italy trial of CIA kidnapping case begins msnbc b The appellate court's written.Agiza was previously charged and sentenced in absentia with being an Islamic militant and was sentenced to 25 years, a sentence that was reduced to 15 years due to the political pressure after the Rendition became known.78 Just after the 2006 Italian general elections, Roberto Castelli ( Lega Nord outgoing Justice Minister, declared to Italian prosecutors that he had not passed the extradition request to the.In December 2005, an Italian court issued a European arrest warrant against 22 CIA agents suspected of this kidnapping (including Robert Seldon Lady, Eliana Castaldo,.48 The reports also say that the rendering countries have provided interrogators with lists of questions.Michael Scheuer Rendition, film by Gavin Hood, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon Meryl Streep Special Activities Division Sportsflight Airways Kenyan captives in the war on terror Legal Bibliography edit Grey, Stephen (2006).

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia "Protokoll Befragung Bundesinnenminister.D.
Retrieved "Pentagon Memo on Torture-Motivated Transfer Cited", Los Angeles Times, 8 December 2005.