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What does escort do town of salem

what does escort do town of salem

They are harmless at the start of the game because they can't do anything yet.
Fellow Town members have no reason to mistrust you.Attributes: Infected players spread the plague on visiting or being visited.Here's an example: The Investigator visits Player.( Privacy Policy ) TripleLift This is an ad network.Jailing Pestilence results in the Jailor's death regardless of execution (which won't work) or not.Janitor A sanitation expert working for organized crime.Doctors are major targets who pose a massive threat to anyone against the Town.After the reveal, vote weight is increased.Serial Killer Alignment: Neutral (Killing) Abilities: Kill someone each night.Knight Templar : He will kill anyone who visits the person she's protecting, including other townies.The Veteran is immune to role blocks.
There's a reason why it's considered the most powerful role in the game, and included in almost every role-list and custom setup.
Amnesiacs Are Innocent : Amnesiacs can become a role from a person that has died.
Because of this, you should avoid transporting people until you have an idea of who the Mafia (and other evil roles) might.Investigators, as you can probably guess, win with the Town.The jailed target cannot perform their night ability.Transporter A man who transports people without asking any questions.After killing two players, he'll gain basic defense.No-Sell : If he's attacked when using his Bulletproof Vest, he will not be harmed.Coven Exclusive Hypnotist A skilled hypnotist who can alter the perception of others.Evil players will more than likely attempt to open the Town of Salem wiki to find the information.After killing one player, he'll be able to attack every night.Rescued from the Scrappy Heap : Patch.5.9 featured a total rework sandra escort of the Disguiser, changing them from a useless name-thief to a Mafia member that can alter the role they appear as, both to Investigators and during the post-death role announcement (if they died.You can force people to target themselves.If you aren't billig escort piger sure, then investigate them again.Driven to Suicide : If he shoots a town member, he commits suicide as a result of the guilt.

If on alert, the Veteran will kill anyone who visits.
Every night he keeps an eye on a specific player, gathering information about whoever might visit them.
You will appear to be a Town member to the Sheriff.